Den Design

Our Story

The history of Den Design mounts to a few generations back. Our desire for production is a legacy from our ancestors.

Our Production Process

We use domestically grown oak tree, natural wood oil, colored water-based polish, brass, metal and fabric in our products.


For a more sustainable life, we as Den Design, support slow and conscious consumption and we realize our design and production accordingly.



NOVA ailesi, üç ana üründen oluşmaktadır: TV sehpası, Konsol ve Kitaplık. Köşeli ve sade hatlarıyla öne çıkmaktadır.  Kenar kesimiyle öne …


PERA Ailesi, Konsol; vitrin ve büfe olmak üzere üç üründen oluşmaktadır. Kapaklarında cam kullanılması ürünün en göze çarpan özelliğidir. Böylelikle …


GREY AİLESİ, şifonyer, dresuar; komodin ve orta sehpadan oluşmaktadır. Keskin hatları ve kenar kesim detayları ile bir ürün ailesi oluştururlar. …

Den Spaces

Den Spaces

We, as Den Design support customer satisfaction with the free-of-charge interior design service we provide to the customers who prefer our designs. With Den Spaces services we assist you in various fields like paint selection, furniture design to suit your needs and in the renovation of the products.

With Den Space services we determine the furniture and accessories you need for interior design together with you. We offer you alternatives by preparing various space designs with these products. In order to make these space alternatives that will make you happy and content to live in in the long term accessible, we offer this service for free to our customers who embark on Den Design designs and perspective.