Our Story

The history of Den Design mounts to a few generations back.

Our desire for production is a legacy from our ancestors.

From One Generation to Another

The grandfather of İbrahim İbrahim Halil Bakırcı (“Bakırcı” meaning “Copper worker”) used to make his living by copper working in the business he founded and named as “Özenir Copper Works”. That is where we get our last name Bakırcı from. Mustafa Bakırcı, the son of İbrahim Halil Bakırcı,) was keen on design as well as production.


This skill and the passion which have been transferred onwards over generations is one of the reasons of Deniz Bakırcı’s interest in design and production.

First Production

At the pursuit of her interest, Deniz Bakırcı graduated from Department of Architecture. After gaining some experience in the sector, the foundation of Den Design was laid in 2018, in the small studio in their house by the production of one of the best-selling models, the GRID Ottoman.


The strongest feature of Den Design is this very inheritance from the family. With the help of nurturing education and experiences, our brand stands on a strong rock. In order to proceed likewise, it has become our mission as Den Design team to be research-based and solution-focused.

Since the first day of production, carrying this legacy from the family, Deniz Bakırcı Den Design offers you timeless, functional and aesthetic products with well-thought details, suitable for long-term use.